The Top 5 Best Tech Giveaways

The Top 5 Best Tech Giveaways

Giving away branded items is a great way to make sure your clients remember you. Everyone likes getting free things, especially useful everyday tech items that we often overlook until we need them. You can be the hero for your clients by providing them with items like headphones or chargers when they’re in a pinch. Optamark Graphics can help you promote your business with these branded tech goodies, whether it’s at trade shows, conferences, or just to show appreciation to your employees and remind them of their fantastic boss.


Optamark Graphics offers fantastic branded tech promotional items that can help you achieve two important goals at networking events like trade shows and conferences:

  • Get remembered.
  • Get appreciated.

By using our branded tech giveaways, your booth can become the most popular and talked-about spot at the trade show or conference. These items will help you establish yourself as a leader in your industry and enhance your company’s reputation as a significant player.

Don’t settle for being known as just “the person who orders pens and stuff.” Step away from that title and embrace your potential as an innovative industry leader.

For impressive results, or at least a promotion from “Some Pen Guy” to “The Pen Guy,” check out these top five best-selling products from Optamark Graphics. They are guaranteed to attract attention and keep people talking about your company long after the event is over.


Tired of carrying your whole wallet for small errands or when you’re out and about? Ever find yourself wanting a coffee on your way to work but your wallet is buried in your bag? That’s where a phone wallet comes in handy. It’s a slim, sticky wallet that attaches to your phone or its case, making your daily life a bit easier.

This is an excellent tech giveaway because it’s not only convenient but also a smart way to get people thinking about your brand. Since everyone uses their phones for social media, emails, and watching videos, having your logo on the item they use the most helps with brand recognition.

At Optamark Graphics, you can pick from various phone wallets, including simple silicone ones or more advanced RFID protective wallets with straps. Choose your preferred colors to create the perfect tech giveaway for your next event.



USBs remain a reliable method for keeping important data. You might already have many, but it’s always a struggle to find one when you need it, so having an extra is never a bad idea.

Their small size makes USBs a convenient storage option that easily fits in your briefcase or backpack. Plus, here’s a bonus: when someone plugs one into their computer, your brand’s logo becomes visible.

At Optamark Graphics, you can explore a variety of USB flash drives in different styles and storage capacities. These make for great giveaways at your upcoming tech conference.



New phones keep coming out all the time, but one thing stays the same: they all require chargers.

If you want to make your booth stand out at your next conference, consider giving away a phone stand. It’s a practical and handy gift that can be a great addition to anyone’s desk or bedside table. These chargers are compact and help you keep your phone nearby without dealing with long, annoying cords.

At Optamark Graphics, we understand that the person handing out phone chargers is like a silent hero. Having your company’s logo proudly displayed on this essential item will speak volumes as it saves your clients from the frustration of a dead battery.



The stylus pen has been a game-changer, whether you’re someone who loves to draw, has big fingers, or just hates smudges on their fancy smartphone screen. Giving away stylus pens with your logo will make your clients happy.

“I’ve been wanting one of these for ages,” they might say. “Now that I have one, I’ll use it all the time.”

Optamark Graphics has top-notch, precise stylus pens that can make typing easier for those who struggle and keep the screen looking clean for the neat freaks. Plus, your logo will be right at their fingertips.


Backpacks have become more popular lately, especially among folks in the tech industry, both men and women. People seem to be moving away from using laptop bags and opting for backpacks instead.

Getting a new backpack can be a great thing, especially since it can be a bit pricey. Just imagine replacing an old, worn-out bag with a brand-new, high-quality backpack from Optamark Graphics that has your company’s logo on it. It’s a fantastic way to promote your brand because wherever the person goes with that backpack, your logo goes too. Whether it’s on the subway, an airplane, a taxi, or even in another country, your logo will be on display for thousands of people to see every day. So, don’t hesitate to order some of these appreciated walking advertisements for your employees or as giveaways at your upcoming show or tech conference.


Tech giveaways are more than just gifts; they are a strategic investment in your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. By choosing the right items, personalizing them to reflect your brand identity, and integrating them into your marketing strategy, you can create a lasting impact that extends well beyond the giveaway itself.

Want to make your brand stand out with awesome tech gifts? Check out Optamark Graphics today and find tons of great options waiting for you!

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