Top 10 Real Estate Promotional Products for New Homeowners!

Top 10 Real Estate Promotional Products for New Homeowners! - Real Estate Promotional Products
Top 10 Real Estate Promotional Products for New Homeowners! - Real Estate Promotional Products

Top 10 Real Estate Promotional Products for New Homeowners!

There are many ways through which a realtor becomes involved in the lives of their clients, and as the client becomes a new homeowner, the realtor’s services are rarely ever required. But there may come a time when the client will need to recall the name of the realtor who helped them, and that reminder comes easy in the form of promotional items.

There is no better way to ensure that you can maintain the customer loyalty of those who reaped your services by staying connected with them through personalized products. It also shows that you care for them, which helps you build a better professional relationship and allows the clients to consider you as a resourceful realtor beyond the process of buying the property.

The real estate industry is no stranger to promotional items, building better customer and business relationships. Real Estate Promotional products have been used by several businesses and organizations, to help boost their brand image and increase the exposure of their company’s name and logo. It’s high time that everyone realizes just how important personalized items can be, especially in his day and age of social distancing with limited human contact.

Best Real Estate Products to Give to New Homeowners in 2022!
1. Key Holder

As new homeowners, your clients might require products meant for their homes. A keyholder is a great way of letting your client knows that you care for them while ensuring that the item they are on the receiving end of will be useful for them.

The keyholder becomes a common household sight — as it is used every time one leaves or enters the house. This type of constant exposure to your brand name will enable the clients to remember your brand name at the time of need.

2. Cutting Board

Cutting Board- Real Estate Promotional Products

One great thing about cutting boards is the space to let your ideas run free truly. You can make a remarkable design and print your logo in an aesthetic manner, which allows the clients to use the product and have the name of your business around them most of the time.

Kitchen appliances and items are some of the toughest ones to get a hold of when people shift into new homes; you can help make this process a tad bit easier by giving them a resourceful and good-quality cutting board. While the new homeowners are unpacking, they will be thankful for having a cutting board available on hand.

3. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket- Real Estate Promotional Products

There are many uses of a throw blanket. Your clients can use it as a cover for the new furniture, use it to keep themselves warm, or use it as a mat for picnics. There are many uses of a custom throw blanket and have varying possibilities for you to personalize them according to the aesthetics of your brand.

It will also be a very ingenious way of showing that you care for your clients, as it is a product that will be useful for them in many situations. You can give this item as a housewarming gift to the new homeowners.

4. Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat- Real Estate Promotional Products

What new houses require are mats. It’s easy for homes to get dirty when people are coming in and out of the house constantly — and this is a familiar scene for new homeowners, as there would be a lot of moving of items going on.

There will also be people visiting the new house; therefore, it is necessary to have a pretty looking, good quality welcome mat at the entrance that will truly make people feel welcome. It is a great promotional item since it will be positioned where the exposure of your brand logo will be the highest –and will leave a lasting impression on those who are probably not aware of your business.

5. Mini Tool Kit

Mini Tool Kit - Real Estate Promotional Products

When you shift into a place, there are many things that you won’t be able to have in an instant — this is reasonable since unpacking and fully turning into your new home will take a lot of time.

There will also be a few tweaking and fixing that may need your indulgence as the new homeowner as you make changes in the house according to your liking. What one would need the most during these times is an easily accessible tool kit with just the right tools for your client to work seamlessly

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have been popular for quite some time now — with the entire world going wireless, the onslaught of Alexa, and alike. They help make a ton of your work easier — by connecting to the phone, you can answer calls and listen to the other person while working. It is a great way of blasting music during a party or you’re having fun while watching a movie.

Bluetooth Wireless speakers are extremely useful and a great way of promoting your brand since the speakers would be kept in an accessible place for easy connectivity. It will enable your clients to remember your brand’s name more easily and recall the word in times of need.

7. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must in every household. For new homeowners, a first aid kit will be a great way of showing that you care for your clients and helping them be prepared for small accidents. You will be able to help your clients without even being present around them.

This will enable them to remember you and build a strong professional client-realtor relationship. Personalized products that show that you care are a great way of strengthening customer loyalty and increasing the exposure of your brand name.

8. Herb Growing Kit

Who does not want the greeneries in their home? Giving your clients an herb growing kit as a housewarming kit is a great way of showing that you are genuine about the client-realtor relationship outside of just the legalities.

This promotional product will make your clients happy and make you a memorable realtor in their eyes. It’s a useful item and will allow the new homeowners to indulge in light gardening early into their new shift.

These real estate promotional ideas will help you promote your brand and bring joy to your customers (the new homemakers) and bring high-end business for your enterprise.

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