Top 9 New Corporate Gifting Trends for 2024

Top 9 New Corporate Gifting Trends for 2024

A lot of things changed in 2023, especially when it comes to corporate gifts. With the economy always changing, how people work from home and in offices shifting, and a big focus on being eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that the kinds of gifts people like are changing too.

As we start 2024, the trends for company gifts and company swag are heading in some interesting new directions.

Our experts in gifts have put together a list of the top trends you should watch out for in corporate gifts in 2024.

The Top 9 Corporate Gift Trends to Expect in 2024

Corporate Gifting Trend #1: Adding a Personal Touch

In 2023, we saw a trend where people liked getting fewer but more meaningful gifts, instead of lots of cheap stuff.

This trend is still going strong in 2024, and people want thoughtful and personal gifts. Adding handwritten notes, special boxes, or custom decorations makes your corporate gift boxes even better. But don’t forget that good-quality, durable gifts are important too.

In the end, in 2024, being thoughtful and intentional with your gifts is more important than quick and cheap options.

Corporate Gifting Trend #2: Supporting a Bigger Purpose

In recent years, we’ve noticed that people are becoming more thoughtful about where they spend their money. Even though products are more expensive now, surveys indicate that people are still ready to purchase and use products from companies that share their values.

In the world of corporate gifts in 2024, this means giving gifts that have a clear message and reflect your values. It’s also about supporting BIOPC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) companies, women-owned businesses, locally-made products, and socially responsible initiatives that match your business principles.

When selecting corporate gifts, collaborate with our experts to discover products from suppliers who have a strong mission and vision for creating a better future. We can help you choose gifts from various corporate gifting categories, including:

  • Gifts that Give Back
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gifts
  • Local Artisanal Products
  • Empowering Women-Owned Brands
  • Socially Responsible Items
Corporate Gifting Trend #3: Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Mocktail Kits

In 2024, the continued trend is towards a lifestyle that’s less focused on alcohol. Since it’s simpler to send non-alcoholic drinks, they can easily be included in company gift boxes, either as part of a mocktail kit or as separate items.

More bars and restaurants are now offering mocktails and non-alcoholic beers, and many experts predict that this trend will continue to grow. According to Drizly, an online alcohol retailer, their 2023 Consumer Trend Report found that 45% of survey respondents said they are very likely or likely to participate in a month-long alcohol-free challenge like Dry January or Sober October. This is a significant number.

This data indicates that a lot of people are interested in adopting a more alcohol-free lifestyle, and this is influencing the corporate gifting trends for 2024.

Corporate Gifting Trend #4: Getting Back to the “Good Ol’ Days” Gifts

The love for nostalgia and the retro styles of the 90s and early 2000s is a significant trend, and it’s not just popular among millennials. Even Gen Z-ers are appreciating gifts that remind them of those simpler times.

Corporate gift boxes provide a great chance to capture a sense of fun and nostalgia for the people receiving them. Our team of experts can assist you in creating a memorable gift box that’s filled with happy memories and brings joy from the good old days.

Corporate Gifting Trend #5: Onsite Gifting or Pop-Up Shop Experiences

The data suggests that in 2024, the focus will shift towards real-life experiences rather than online shopping. With more people working remotely and a growing desire to connect with colleagues and loved ones in person, this change is reflected in the trends in gifting.

People now value face-to-face connections and community more than ever, and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2024. Bringing employees together for team retreats or organizing special events throughout the year to promote gatherings is an excellent way to encourage these interactions.

Providing onsite gifting or setting up corporate gifting pop-up shops for your team can make these gatherings even more memorable!

Corporate Gifting Trend #6: Travel & Leisure Gifts

Travel has been on the rise every year since the pandemic ended, and 2024 is no exception. People are eager to go out and discover the world, or even just spend more time outdoors in their local neighborhoods.

Consider giving corporate gifts that encourage leisure and travel this year. Items like cameras, picnic blankets, outdoor gear, binoculars, hammocks, top-notch portable speakers, or branded travel bags are all great choices for company gifts in 2024.

Corporate Gifting Trend #7: Company Gifts that Support Self-Care

Nowadays, more than ever, people are striving to find a better balance in their lives. Whether it’s about balancing work and personal life or spending quality time with family while also enjoying some alone time, people are increasingly realizing the advantages of taking care of their mental and physical well-being.

If you’re looking for thoughtful corporate gift ideas that promote self-care and wellness, consider options like Therabody’s recovery tools, therapeutic body oils from Wonder Valley, essential oil diffusers from Vitruvi, a Quiet Hours journal set, or comfortable loungewear.

Corporate Gifting Trend #8: “Life Outside of Work” Gifts

As previously mentioned, the theme for 2024 centers around achieving a balance between work and personal life. This year, there’s a growing trend towards giving gifts that encourage more quality time with family and friends, or corporate gifts that align with values unrelated to work.

Consider opting for unbranded corporate gifts this year, or if you prefer branding, you can place your logo on the gift box, a card, or custom tissue paper. Choose gifts that promote quality time with others, such as National Park playing cards, a classic board game like Scrabble, or a Solo Stove for outdoor gatherings.

Corporate Gifting Trend #9: Company Gifts that Foster Team Connections

Forecasts indicate that there’s great importance in using swag and corporate gifts to maintain stronger connections among colleagues, clients, and employees. Corporate gifts can serve as a bridge between remote and in-office workers, strengthen client relationships, and contribute to a positive company culture by offering gifts that unite team members.

Current trends are leaning towards a preference for high-quality swag custom gifts that promote a sense of belonging and community within the company while also being mindful of their environmental impact. Think about gifting custom-branded outerwear or top-notch hats with your corporate logo on them.


To sum it up, here are the latest corporate gifting trends for 2024: adding a personal touch, supporting meaningful causes, non-alcoholic drinks or kits, nostalgic gifts, onsite gifting experiences, travel, and leisure-themed gifts, self-care presents, non-work-related corporate gifts, team-building items.

Invest time in selecting meaningful items for your employees, clients, and partners, and you’ll get the most out of your corporate gifts. Remember that the key is to make sure the gifts are valuable and memorable for the recipients, so always consider their preferences and needs. This way, your gifts will be cherished and put to good use for years to come!

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