Which Tech Giveaways & Promotional Goods Are The Best For Your Business?

Which Tech Giveaways & Promotional Goods Are The Best For Your Business - Tech giveaways
Which Tech Giveaways & Promotional Goods Are The Best For Your Business - Tech giveaways

Which Tech Giveaways & Promotional Goods Are The Best For Your Business?

To know if Tech giveaways or promotional goods are suitable for a business, he should be tech-savvy. He can then understand various technical aspects of the items. If you lack the minimum technological know-how, you may depend upon the following list recommended by the director of research of the Consumer Technology Association. Her name is Lesley Rohrbaugh, and she has 27 years of experience in consumers-technology.

1: Smartphones

These are the most looked-in-after giveaways.

1. iPhone 13 of Apple: $799; The release of the 5G spectrum by Google, Apple is the best that could be picked up for someone for fundamental importance for your business. Interest in a foldable phone is increasing and is gradually becoming affordable too
2. iPhone 13Pro: $999; higher picture quality cinematic mode, better battery life
3. One Plus 9: $730; has features like Galaxy and iPhone but at a lower price
4. Z Flip 3 of Samsung Galaxy: $1,000, non-folding, durable, IP water resistance.

2: Laptops

This is again the wish of the top people. Google and Apple have many options, and many have options for gaming.

1. MacBook Air 13Inch from Apple: $949, With 256 GB of storage, the video editing is excellent, with 8GB of RAM.
2. MacBook Pro 13-Inch from Apple: $1299, cooling fans can handle the heavy workload for longer. It is perfect for video, audio, and photo editing.
3. MacBook Pro 14-Inch M1 Pro from Apple: $1,999; one of the fastest laptops, upgraded for beneficial ports and touch bar.
4. Dell XPS 13: 1,147, well-built, 13-inch screen, seven hours of battery life, and light gaming of three hours. It weighs 2.8 pounds only.
Smart-home technology

As surveyed by CTA, more than 196 million people are planning to install a smart home device during the current year. Because of their simplicity, many can benefit from them.

3: Wvze Smart Plug

Wyze Smart Plug- Tech giveaways

$20 for a pack of two allows you to set up the daily on-off schedule. For instance, if your video doorbell is approached, a lamp in the window will tune on automatically to look like someone is there.

4: Smart Plug Mini, Kasa Smart: $13

Smart Plug Mini, Kasa Smart

It works with Google’s Alexa and the Home kit of Apple. You can use it for scheduling for any device connected to your smart device. It is so designed as not to obstruct any power outlet.

5: Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

This piece is priced at $13. It is an intelligent speaker that can play music and give news and weather reports. You can use the Amazon Echo to exercise control of your mother appliances of smartphone and the new robot Alexa.

6: Nest Mini of Google

![ Nest Mini of Google — promotional products — Optamark Graphics(Which-Tech-Giveaways6.jpg “Which-Tech-Giveaways6”)

It is priced at $25 and is an intelligent speaker.

7: Sonos One (Generation-2) priced at $219

Sonos One (Generation-2) priced at $219

It is a smart speaker; it can be available from Google or Amazon.

8: Vac 15CMax IQ Robot, Eufy Boost

Vac 15CMax IQ Robot

Once you set the schedule, it alerts you any time and adapts to hard surfaces and carpets (30% off now). You can control the same with a smartphone or with a map. It is priced at $164.

9: Bluetooth — Philips Hue

Bluetooth — Philips Hue

You can connect the strips to computers, bed frames or below the desks. You can change the colors of the lights for synchronizing your games or movies. Priced at $80, it comes with a base kit of two meters.

10: Smart Bulb LED, Philips Hue

Smart Bulb LED, Philips Hue

Priced at $45 for a four-pack, it is more energy-efficient and creates ambient light.

11: Smart Thermostat Ecobee

Smart Thermostat Ecobee

Priced at $200, the ecobee has dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and minimizes interfering with other devices. The remote sensor enables the base temperature to be set in different rooms that are not mounted. Alexa of Google can change temperature as you want.

12: Smart Lock August Wi-Fi

The package is priced at $200. The proximity feature of the lock enables unlocking automatically when your NFC or Bluetooth comes within range. You can make use of it with your present deadbolt and keys. Open your lock without using your hands.

13: Smart Garden; Click & Grow

Priced at $140, it can grow three plant pods simultaneously. There are 50 varieties to choose from.

14: Consoles for Video Game

The popular consoles are the Xbox series or a Play Station, but a little hard to get one.

15: Consoles Switch Nintendo

It is priced at $300 and is a little easier to find. It is a popular console with games such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. You can play NES games online.

16: Tablet & Laptop Bags

Prices vary from $16.16 to $20.38 for these bags. The bag carries your laptop and tablets. There are more than 20 items under these categories with the names and logos clearly written on top of them. This is ideal for corporate staff.

17: Dashboard Cameras

They come with printed logos, which you want for your company. It is priced at $80.10.

18: Pop Grips for Phone

It is priced at $1.34. It is a small device that permits your hand to relax while holding your phone securely.

19: Wire Chargers

These wire charges cover around 40 items are priced from $14.32 to $23.84. These chargers adopt innovative technology and make your promotion get due appreciation from the recipients.

20: Axis Pedometer

It is priced at $22.10 that keeps track of your movement made every day on various activities.

21: View Dash Cameras

It is priced at $54.74. It is an essential accessory of the vehicle for preventing any fraudulent claims.

22: Hawking Power Banks

Priced at $32.10, Power Bank has a soft-touch, slim, premium finish.

23: Foldable Drone

It is priced at $83.08 is a combo of fun and tech. You can pair it with a smartphone through an app.

24: Paperless 4.4 inch E-Writing

This e-writing and drawing tablet are priced at $10.74 and are an excellent gifting option for tech lovers.

25: Lens Cloths

These are priced from $0.48 to $1.61, available with logo printed and used for cleaning lens and tech glasses.


Choose the above items to woo tech enthusiasts, increase your sales and promote your business.

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