Who Are The Top Buyers Of Promotional Products? Pt. 1: Healthcare Industry

Who Are The Top Buyers Of Promotional Products? Pt. 1: Healthcare Industry
Who Are The Top Buyers Of Promotional Products? Pt. 1: Healthcare Industry

Who Are The Top Buyers Of Promotional Products? Pt. 1: Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in the United States loves promotional products. Hospitals, medical centers, drug companies, and wellness organizations use these custom items more than almost any other industry.

But why do they like them so much? Well, there are a few good reasons.

Firstly, they use these products to make their brand more recognizable. You know how when you see a logo on something, you remember it better? That’s what they’re aiming for.

They also give these products as rewards and incentives to their employees. It’s a way to say “thank you” and keep their team motivated.

When they’re looking to hire new people, they often include cool promotional items in their job offers. It makes the job look even more appealing.

But the most important thing is that these products help build trust with patients. When you get a useful item from your healthcare provider, it shows they care about you.

So, in simple terms, the healthcare industry loves promotional products because they help with branding, keeping employees happy, attracting new talent, and most importantly, making patients feel cared for and confident in their healthcare providers.

Branding with wellness promotional items

Branding with wellness promotional items

In healthcare, where competition is fierce, making your mark is crucial. How people perceive your healthcare company can determine its success or failure. So, finding a cost-effective way to build your brand is a big deal.

That’s where promotional merchandise comes in. It’s a smart and creative way for healthcare organizations like hospitals, doctors’ groups, and wellness centers to get their name out there. That’s why they’re big fans of using these types of products. With wellness-themed promotional items, healthcare professionals can proudly show off their brand’s values and mission, and it helps patients trust them more.

Think about this: handing out items like hand sanitizers, first aid kits, or pill boxes with your company logo and info on them. It’s like a mini billboard that patients keep with them. It’s a direct way to advertise your brand, and it’s affordable too.

And here’s the cool part: studies have found that when people get a promotional product from a brand, they feel more loyal to that brand. So, in the healthcare world, where branding and trust are everything, promotional merchandise is a smart and cost-effective way to make your mark and build strong relationships with patients and clients.

Building your workforce with healthcare giveaways

Building your workforce with healthcare giveaways

Working in healthcare can be tough, and finding and keeping skilled professionals is a big challenge. Right now, lots of Americans work in healthcare, but things are changing. In the next 10 to 12 years, we might not have enough doctors and nurses – a shortage of about a million of them! And within the next five years, there could be a shortage of 3.2 million other healthcare workers. That’s a bit scary.

So, how can healthcare companies make people want to work for them? One smart way is by using branded promotional items. These are practical things like custom pens, notebooks, or laptop backpacks that can create a good impression of your company and make it stand out when people are job hunting.

Another clever idea is to start a campaign to get more people interested in healthcare careers. A cost-effective way to do this is by using signs and giveaways. You can put up custom banners in busy areas and use banner stands in your building to let everyone know you’re hiring. Personalize these banners with info about training and benefits to make your company look even more attractive to potential hires.

Also, think about giving out wellness-themed promotional products at local events like festivals, parades, health fairs, and sporting events. These could be things like water bottles or fridge magnets with your company’s name and career info on them. It’s a great way to spread the word about job openings and connect with the community.

But it’s not just about finding new talent – it’s also about keeping the talented people you already have. Promotional merchandise can help with that too. By giving your employees branded promotional apparel as rewards, you can boost their spirits and make them happier at work. Remembering their birthdays and work anniversaries with special gifts can also make them feel valued and more loyal to your company.

In healthcare, where every team member is important, promotional products are versatile tools that can help with hiring, community engagement, and employee satisfaction. It’s a win-win for healthcare companies and the dedicated professionals who keep us healthy and safe.

Generating patient trust with wellness merch

Generating patient trust with wellness merch

Building trust with patients is super important for healthcare organizations. When you give patients useful items like hot and cold packs with your logo, it tells them that their health and safety are your top priorities. Plus, it makes them think positively about your brand and makes them more likely to come back to you for their healthcare needs.

Now, how can doctors and healthcare agencies use health-related giveaways to build that trust? Here are some simple ideas:

  • Open House Treats: When you have open house events, give out things like promotional sunscreen or bandages. It shows you care about their well-being.
  • Supporting Young Athletes: If you sponsor youth sports teams, consider giving first aid kits to the coaches. It shows you’re serious about keeping kids safe, and parents will appreciate that.
  • Health Screenings: At health screening events, hand out promotional wet wipes. They’re handy, and it shows you’re all about cleanliness and hygiene, which is vital in healthcare.
  • Community Involvement: Show your commitment to the community by giving customized safety shirts to school crosswalk guards. It not only makes the area safer but also shows you care about the whole community’s well-being.


These small gestures make a big difference in building trust. Patients remember that you went the extra mile, and it makes them trust you more. It’s a situation where both patients feel valued, and healthcare providers earn their trust and loyalty.

Choose relevant healthcare industry promotional items

Choose relevant healthcare industry promotional items

Choosing the right wellness giveaways is essential to promote healthcare and well-being effectively. The idea is to pick items that your target audience will find useful and engaging.

Here are some great options for healthcare giveaways:

  • Custom Shaker Bottles: These are perfect for health-conscious individuals who enjoy mixing protein shakes or staying hydrated with flavored water.
  • Promotional Sunglasses: Protecting your eyes from the sun is vital for overall health, so personalized sunglasses make a stylish and practical choice.
  • Personalized Fanny Packs: These trendy packs are great for keeping essentials handy during outdoor activities or workouts.
  • Custom-Printed Keychains: Keychains are a practical and versatile option that everyone uses.
  • Wholesale Tools: Consider handy tools like tape measures or multi-tools, which emphasize preparedness and safety.
  • Bulk Stress Balls: Stress relief is crucial for wellness, and stress balls provide a tangible way to manage it.
  • Custom Golf Items: Golf is a popular activity for relaxation and exercise, making golf-related promotional items a smart choice.
  • Sports Cooling Towels with Logos: These cooling towels offer comfort during physical activities and align with the wellness theme.


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In the healthcare business, healthcare promotional products have become a game-changer. It’s no surprise that healthcare companies are leading the way in using these items to boost their brand!

Healthcare swag isn’t just about freebies; it’s a smart strategy. These items help build strong brands, keep employees happy, attract new talent, and, most importantly, build trust with patients.

As we face a shortage of doctors and nurses, healthcare leaders need effective ways to attract new talent.

For all healthcare businesses, using wellness swag is more than a trend; it’s a prescription for success. It’s all about creating a positive and unforgettable impression!

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